DSRD Consulting strives to eradicate exclusionary and divisive office politics across the tech and blockchain industry to create work environments where all employees show up engaged, motivated, and comfortable being their whole selves.


To help progressive and forward-thinking businesses enhance their work culture by developing data-based DEI strategic solutions.


We at DSRD Consulting value diversity, equity, and inclusion and are dedicated advocates of those without a voice. To be effective advocates, we must be intentional, self-reflective, and an ally.

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Who We Are

Dr. Sam has always had a strong passion for advocating for marginalized groups and creating systemic change for Black women. Dr. Sam discovered her unique talent of developing organizational-wide DEI strategies by working in many different sectors and made the decision to formally offer her services and founded DSRD Consulting was founded. 


DSRD Consulting's single mission is to help businesses incorporate diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) into their business operations to enhance their work culture. We use a data-based strategic planning process that allows us to develop unique strategies for each client.

Are you ready to enhance your company's culture and invest in your employees?