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Empowering Change with SaaS Solutions for a More Inclusive Future

Who we are

We're dedicated to enhancing mental health and wellness within professional spaces and individual lives through a systemic approach. Our innovative DEI Blueprint® and the community-centric DEI Offload™ app are at the forefront of bringing a new perspective to wellness in both work and life. By integrating these two platforms, we offer a holistic solution that addresses the intricate balance between personal wellness and professional DEI work. The result? Workplaces that not only embrace diversity, equity, and inclusion but also thrive on them.

Our Core Values


Hi there, I’m Dr. Samantha Rae!


As the founder of DSRD Consulting and the creative force behind DEI Offload™ and DEI Blueprint®, my personal journey, especially as someone diagnosed with autism later in life, has fueled my commitment to creating inclusive and accommodating work environments.


Over 14 years, I've brought transformative DEI solutions to numerous organizations, positively impacting tens of thousands of employees.


Since 2021, DSRD Consulting has partnered with leaders from over 100 renowned companies, aiding over 500 DEI professionals worldwide in fostering a culture of diversity and inclusion.

You can read more in our annual report here. 

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Our method is intentional and data-driven, rooted in systems thinking:


DEI Blueprint® helps identify your organization's DEI opportunities, benchmarking against industry standards.


DEI Offload™ fosters community engagement, offering a robust support system for HR and DEI professionals.


Use DEI Blueprint®'s analytical tools to create a data-driven DEI action plan, tailored for your organization.


DEI Offload™ provides continuous learning and mental health resources, empowering your team in their DEI journey.

Join us on a journey of transformation where systemic change meets sustainable wellness. Let's redefine the future together.

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