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Using Systems Thinking to Develop & Streamline Business Operations

Who we are

DSRD Consulting is a firm dedicated to bringing equity and an intersectional lens to businesses worldwide. We take a holistic and socio-ecological approach to DEI strategy and business development by considering the systems within an entire organization and the players participating in that system. This allows equity to be embedded at the core of business operations.

Whether you are a large corporation, a startup, or a small business owner, we have a solution that meets your needs.

Our Core Values


Hi there, I’m Dr. Samantha Rae!


But folks call me Dr. Sam. I'm a DEI Strategist and Systems Analyst with over a decade of experience and the proud CEO of DSRD Consulting. I'm also the founder of DEI Offload™, an app I created to bolster mental health and foster community within the DEI industry.


Over the past decade, I've brought transformative DEI solutions to organizations like Goodwill, Save the Children, and NIH, positively impacting over 10,000 employees. I've also collaborated with leaders from more than 50 universities nationwide to infuse DEI into their key processes.


Leveraging my Bachelor's in Biology, my Master's in Public Health, and my Doctorate in Leadership & Organizational Management, I've worked to bridge the gap between DEI and business systems optimization. In 2022 alone, I partnered with change-makers from over 30 esteemed companies, including AWS, Meta, and Lyft, to enhance their workplace culture. Moreover, I've supported over 400 DEI practitioners around the globe. You can read more in our annual report here.


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We use systems thinking coupled with data to ensure a holistic approach. Here's how:


Outline: Offer guidance and education about gaps and areas of opportunity in your business systems, processes, and policies. 

Educate: Meet all employees where they are while building awareness to help foster emotionally safe growth in their DEI journey.

Develop: Create a detailed, data-informed, goal-oriented plan tailored to your company.

Partner: Serve as a long-term advisor and thought partner to guide you along your journey to incorporate equity into your business operations for long-lasting and sustainable change. 

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Ready to see what DSRD Consulting can do for you?

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