DEI Strategy Consulting Services

You know you need to have a DEI strategy and commit to DEI, but you have no clue where to start. Or maybe you're trying to recruit more diverse employees, but you're not sure how to do that. Or when you do get diverse employees, they won't stay at your company for longer than 6 months. If this sounds like your company, then our DEI Strategy Consultation is perfect for you.


During the DEI Strategy Consultation, We'll create a plan of action for you to implement right away! You can expect monthly guidance in developing and implementing your DEI strategy, access to all meeting notes, and ongoing support from me via email and bi-weekly calls.  

Click the button below to complete our DEI Scorecard. Our scorecard helps us know where your company is on the DEI journey spectrum. Once you've completed the scorecard, we can answer any questions you have and schedule your first intake meeting!

Who is this for?

  • Companies that are new to or uncertain about DEI and the Strategy Development process.

  • Companies that don't know how to start the process for developing a DEI Strategy.

  • Companies that have not implemented any DEI efforts.

  • Companies that have implemented DEI efforts but aren't seeing a change in their workplace culture.  

DEI Strategy Consultation Outline

Month 1: 

  • Walk-thru of the DEI Strategy Development process

  • Overview & DEI Audit 

  • Develop an Action Plan

Month 2: 

  • Action Plan revision

  • Step-by-step process walk-thru to show you how to implement the action plan

  • Get your questions answered as you implement the action plan

Month 3:

  • Guidance with maintaining DEI initiatives that have been implemented

  • Offboarding 

What do you walk away with? 


✅ Monthly action plans to guide you through each phase of my DEI Strategy Framework.

✅ A list of recommendations to improve your company's culture and policies.

✅ Get your DEI questions answered.