Does your company fit into one of the categories below?

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You know you need to have a DEI strategy and commit to DEI, but you have no clue where to start. 

You have an idea of what you need to do to enhance your company's culture, but you're not sure what DEI programs/efforts you should prioritize.

Your company has implemented some DEI efforts, and you've developed a strategy but aren't seeing a change in your workplace culture.

DEI Strategy Roadmapping Outline

Outline & Assess 

  • Walk-thru of the DEI Strategy Development process

  • Overview & DEI Audit 


  • Develop themes based on the gaps

  • Create an Action Plan



  • Walk-thru to show you how to implement the action plan

  • Get your questions answered as you implement the action plan

  • Guidance with maintaining DEI initiatives that have been implemented

  • Offboarding 

What do you walk away with? 


✅ Monthly action plans to guide you through each phase of my DEI Strategy Framework.

✅ A list of recommendations to improve your company's culture and policies.

✅ Get your DEI questions answered.