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DEI Workshops

Want happier and more engaged employees? Improved culture?  We got you covered! Enhance your leadership skills and become a leader that is committed to being inclusive and equitable.

Ensure that your senior leaders and executive leaders are all on the same page when it comes to DEI. 

We’ll engage in interactive sessions in a space that fosters learning, getting your questions answered, and the safety to have conversations that may be difficult to navigate.

Our sessions will help your team transition from theoretical learning to implementing what they've learned in real time. 

Workshop Topic Areas:


  • Getting started with DEI strategy development 

  • DEI Strategy Implementation 

  • Equitable leadership 

  • Addressing microaggressions in the workplace

What Our Clients Say

headshot of susan-liao

"As a cohort facilitator and mentor for purpose-driven, early-stage founders, I reached out to Dr. Sam to explore opportunities to integrate an Introduction to DEI Strategy workshop into our pilot curriculum. After an initial consult, we collaborated on an approach that fit my program goals, budget, and timing. The workshop exceeded my expectations, and the founders walked away with invaluable insights and a framework that they can apply to their ventures today. The entire process was seamless and stress-free. I am deeply grateful to Dr. Sam for contributing her expertise and providing a responsive approach that allowed each founder to reflect and discuss how DEI strategy can be applied and aligned with their unique organizational strategy."

Susan Lao, Founder of Startups For All

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