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Interviews, Panels & Podcasts

Over the years, Dr. Sam has had the privilege of sharing her expertise on international stages and contributing to important dialogues around diversity, equity, inclusion, wellness, and mental health while working in the DEI space. Dr. Sam is available for Keynote speaking engagements, panel sessions, and fireside chats.  

Keynote Speaker Topic Areas

Understanding the DEI Strategy Development Process

  • Talking through our 5-phase framework

  • Talking through the change management process

Integrating Accessibility Across Company Departments

  • Deep Dive into Neurodiversity

  • Providing Accommodations for Autistic & Neurodiverse Individuals

Mental Health for DEI Professionals 

  • Navigating Burnout 

  • Centering & Enhancing your mental health while working in DEI 

  • Having a healthy wokr-life balance

Past Appearances

Preparing your DEI Strategy - DEI After 5 with Sacha Thompson

Dr. Sam shares her learnings about the process of developing a diversity strategy for the workplace, the importance of education and learning as a practitioner, and how colleagues across organizations can support each other.

Defining Wom*n: Fluidity of Inclusive Language with General Assembly.

Dr. Sam and a panel of other practitioners who work in the equity space talk through inclusive language and how to use a lens of equity and intersectionality when addressing diverse groups of people. 

DEI After 5 with Sacha Thompson

Dr. Sam and a panel of other DEI practitioners answer live questions about DEI strategy development and how companies can commit to DEI. 

Unlearning Unconscious Bias in the Workplace

Dr. Sam talks about unconscious biases and how they show up in the workplace. She also talks about equitable leadership and what leaders can do to confront microaggressions in the workplace. 

Ask Me Anything Session with Startups for All

Dr. Sam talks about creating a healthy work-life balance, building community, creating equitable workplaces, the power of streamlining business operations, avoiding burnout, & building equity into your business operations.

Intentional Conversations with Dr. Nika White

Dr. Sam talks about microaggressions, the importance of companies having a DEI strategy, unconscious biases, and creating inclusive spaces for Black women in the workplace.

Every Woman with Emprezz Golding live in Jamaica

Dr. Sam shares a little about herself, her consulting business, an overview of what committing to DEI means, and what it means to use a lens of intersectionality.

Interested in bringing these discussions to your own event or organization?

Complete our contact form and schedule a free chat to talk through the details of your event with Dr. Sam. 

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