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Detailed Bio: Dr. Sam Rae, EdD, MPH

CEO & Lead DEI Strategist

I'm a DEI Strategist and Systems Analyst with over a decade of experience and the CEO of DSRD Consulting. I'm also the founder of DEI Offload™, an app I created to bolster mental health and foster community within the DEI industry.

By leveraging my bachelor's in Biology, my Master's in Public Health, and my Doctorate in leadership & organizational management, I've bridged the gap between DEI and business system optimization and have led DEI for companies like Goodwill, where I worked with over 150 CEOs across North America, Save the Children, and NIH, with over 10,000 employees. I also worked with directors and chancellors of over 50 universities to integrate DEI into their recruitment, hiring, and promotion processes. 

In 2022 DSRD Consulting partnered with change agents across the globe at over 30 different companies, including AWS, Meta, Lyft, Intel, Offbase, and Udemy, Microsoft, to enhance their workplace culture through strategy development. We have also supported over 400 DEI practitioners across the world. Read more about our stats here.

As a late-diagnosed autistic Black woman, I bring a rare and invaluable perspective to the table. This intersection of identities provides me with unique insights into the intricacies of neurodiversity and workplace accommodation. As a highly sought-after speaker, I've had the privilege of sharing my expertise and experiences on international stages and in renowned international publications such as Forbes and Business Insider. I'm passionate about sharing these insights to foster more inclusive and understanding environments.

Guest Appearances 

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