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About Us

DEI Offload™ is a global hub that tailors mental health, wellness, and professional resources specifically for DEI, advocacy, and HR professionals. Prioritize your mental health, create a healthier work-life balance, and benefit from practical resources, all within a community of folks who truly understand your experiences.

Our Story


Dr. Samantha Rae

Founder & DEI Strategist

2017 was the first time I started to feel the heaviness of working in DEI. At the time, I was helping colleges and universities across the US & Canada realize the importance of being inclusive and diverse in their public health practices and research. It was then I realized there wasn't a centralized space for DEI practitioners to be in community with each other and gain access to the resources we needed. I felt very isolated from other practitioners doing this work, and the heaviness of working in the DEI space was overwhelming. So much so that I tweeted about it.

Fast forward four years, I decided to conduct a qualitative research study to get insight into the needs of other folks working in the DEI space. It turns out that over 280 DEI practitioners shared the same experiences as I did. Folks across different industries, age ranges, racial & ethnic identities, and years of experience in the field were all facing burnout, compassion fatigue, being drained, and longed for a centralized community with educational resources, higher pay, and mental health resources. 
While I, as an individual, couldn't do much about compensation, we as a community could create transparency about pay rates in the DEI and provide a centralized space for all the resources and support we need. So, DEI Offload™ born. 


DEI Offload™ is a space for us to exist and talk about navigating life as a DEI Practitioner in a healthy way, to enhance the wellness of everyone working in the DEI space, develop a healthy work-life balance, and build genuine relationships in the DEI field while getting access to the professional resources we need.

Whether you're looking for a virtual space to connect with other practitioners, access to licensed mental health professionals, job postings, career opportunities, or just a place to access wellness resources and tips for maintaining a work-life balance – we're here for you! So let's do this together!

Meet The Support Team

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