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DEI Blueprint® Testimonials

Multiracial Colleagues
“I’m so proud to be a graduate of the best and ONLY DEI strategy program on the market hands down…I got my whole professional life inside DEI Blueprint - going from beginner to BOLD in my career journey as a DEI Practitioner. If you’re hoping to move your DEI career forward and eventually hold a DEI leadership position, you DESERVE DEI Blueprint. It’s the only program I’ve seen that not only provides a freshman-like foundation of DEI basics, but then walks you through to creating a Senior level DEI Strategy from start to finish, Complete with examples, 15+ fill in the blank templates and a bomb community of DEI professionals to match. If you know a career in DEI is part of your destiny, gone and get your employer to sponsor your seat in this program and get your learn/growth/professional development on-And even if they can’t/won’t- invest in this out of your own pocket -You won’t regret it!”

- Natisha Willis, Diversity Business Partner

Headshot of Natisha Willis
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