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80% of employees say they want to work for a company that values diversity, equity, and inclusion issues.

We help forward-thinking companies develop and implement 3-year DEI Strategies to foster an inclusive workplace with happier employees.

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Elevate Your Workspace: Equity & Wellness in Action

Embrace innovative strategies that intertwine mental wellness with equitable systems, setting a new standard in workplace inclusivity and well-being.


Who we are?

At DSRD Consulting, we are redefining work environments for inclusion and well-being. Mental health is a top priority for us, and we specialize in improving the way businesses run to lower stress and make work environments safer for all. With a niche focus on workplace accommodations, we ensure everyone thrives in their unique way.

Sharing Ideas

What we do?

At the heart of DSRD Consulting, we blend DEI Offload™ and DEI Blueprint® to provide an all-encompassing solution for DEI and HR professionals. DEI Offload™ is your gateway to a supportive global community focused on mental health and work-life balance. DEI Blueprint®, on the other hand, equips you with strategic tools to enhance your organization's diversity and inclusion efforts. Together, they create workplaces that are not only safe and engaged but also dynamic and inclusive.


Our Impact By the Numbers

Working With the Best Clients & Partners

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What Our Clients Say
Hear from those who've experienced transformative change

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"Dr. Sam's DEI Blueprint was the first investment I made into learning how to build a DEI strategy from scratch and I'm so proud of my decision! I've built skills and have the tools I need now to support any organization with confidence and have also built a community of support along the way. Thank you for sharing all of your wisdom and experience Dr. Sam!"

- Raven Maldonado, Director of People and Culture

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