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DEI Blueprint™

A 6-month online self-paced program designed to take the guesswork out of developing and implementing DEI strategies.

If you want to build a DEI strategy, but don’t know where to start, this program is an incredible opportunity for you. DEI Blueprint™ is a self-paced online program that will take you step-by-step through the process of developing and implementing an organization-wide DEI strategy. 

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I'm Dr. Sam

DEI Strategist with

12+ Years of Professional Experience.

I've spent years working in non-profit, higher ed, and the government sector, building DEI strategies using my custom framework. I've refined my framework through time spent frustrated, struggling to get Exec Leadership on the same page about DEI, and trying to figure out how to develop a DEI strategy. 

DEI Blueprint™ shares the framework that I’ve created, along with the guidance and accountability to actually implement it in real-time. So instead of teaching you theory, we show you how it works in practice with solid examples, feedback, and a community of other DEI practitioners holding you accountable.


Here's What's Included: 

I’ve designed this program to help you build your DEI Strategy step-by-step and to help you gain the confidence you need to execute it effectively. This is my complete process for creating an effective DEI Strategy.

You’ll get bi-weekly training + one-on-one feedback, + community support!

Personalized feedback from Dr. Sam & access to 1:1 private coaching. 

Touch Base calls

Co-Working sessions with other DEI Practitioners

56 lessons

Over 20 plug-and-play templates

FREE access to DEI Offload™, our community of DEI practitioners

A certificate of completion that can be automatically added to your LinkedIn profile

What to Expect

Being enrolled in DEI Blueprint™ is like having a DEI advisor in your pocket. As you go through the process of developing a DEI strategy for your company or client, you'll have the outline, templates, tools, and support you need.  Unsure about which data to include in the strategy, send me a quick message in our app and I can help you think through it. Then we'll take a deeper dive during one of our touch-base calls. You can also submit your draft goals and objectives for feedback through our Assignment submission portal. 

Wellness Sessions

We host a wellness session facilitated by a licensed psychologist. The purpose of these sessions is to help with processing burnout, secondary trauma, compassion fatigue, or anything else DEI practitioner.s deal with. Because our roles are unique, especially if you belong to a marginalized group, we need this specialized care.

Touch Base Calls 

We host "touch-base" calls for Q&As about the DEI strategy development process, and feedback from the DSRDC team and your peers. The calls will be recorded and shared in our community app.

Working Sessions

Members of the program get together to co-work to foster collaboration, support, and accountability with each other.

Assignments & Feedback

We've developed an assignment tracker to help you keep track of all the templates that align with each of the modules. At the end of each module, you have assignments that you submit to get personalized feedback from our team. 

Curriculum Outline

(7 Lessons)

DEI Mindset Shifts

Learn about key foundational DEI concepts, important DEI roles and functions and how to prepare yourself and your leadership team for the strategy development process.

(10 Lessons)

Implementing the DEI Strategy

Learn how to develop a plan to implement and integrate the DEI strategy across the company seamlessly.

(9 Lessons)

DEI Foundation

Learn how to create a DEI platform tied to the company's mission, navigate push-back and gain exec leadership buy-in.

(6 Lessons)

Marketing the DEI Strategy

Learn how to align the new DEI strategy with the company's voice and brand to avoid coming off as performative.

(18 Lessons)

Assessing DEI Data & tracking DEI Metrics

Learn how to conduct a company-wide DEI Audit, and create DEI-specific goals and objectives that are tied to the company's data, and track your DEI metrics.

(5 Lessons)

Annual Report & DEI Strategy Maintenance

Learn how to review the strategy and adjust the goals and metrics each year to develop a DEI annual report.

Here are the results you will achieve if you follow what we say in DEI Blueprint:

✔️ A solid DEI Strategy with 3-year goals that are company-wide.

✔️ A concrete implementation plan so that implementing the DEI Strategy across different departments is simple and seamless.

✔️ A process for collecting and analyzing the company’s DEI data and reviewing the DEI Strategy to create an annual DEI report.

✔️ A new network of other DEI practitioners.

✔️ The confidence to get executive leadership buy-in and navigate pushback.

✔️ Tools to develop DEI SMART goals, objectives, and KPIs for your DEI strategy.

Ready to develop and implement a 3-year DEI strategy? 


What Our Members Say


I'm glad you created this program because this is exactly what I was looking to prepare myself for the strategy work with my clients

Ray White
DEI Consultant & Strategist


The content has been very thorough and essential as I navigate this new role/function for my company. In addition to the content and templates, I like the community and feedback built into this program. It's nice to know I'm not the only one trying to figure things out.

Shantel Young 
Senior DE&I Manager


The content is communicated in a way that flows, is easy to understand, and is actionable. The touch base calls have been very insightful but open and casual, which I've enjoyed as it provides space to be supported as we move through the process.

Genelle Pollydore 
DEI Specialist

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Whether you're a DEI consultant, a seasoned executive, or just stepping into your first DEI role, my goal is to help you build a solid foundation so that your DEI strategy has an immediate positive impact on your company or your client's company.

Stop spending hours on Google trying to figure things out on your own. and let me help you! Don't let fear make you doubt your abilities.

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