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Executive Consulting & Retainer

With more than a decade of DEI leadership under our belt, including experience working with renowned organizations like Goodwill, NIH, Lyft, AWS, and Meta, we at DSRD Consulting are equipped to guide your company toward inclusivity, equity, and accessibility. Partnering with us is the key to building a workplace that is not only efficient but also neurodiverse-friendly and emotionally safe for everyone. We specialize in aligning your business systems, policies, and processes with the principles of equity, accessibility, and intersectionality, all while ensuring that mental wellness is at the forefront.

Team Task

Culture Shift & Impact for your Company

Imagine processes that are efficient and streamlined, ensuring smoother operations and improved mental wellness. We are here to help you bring this vision to life. By partnering with us, you're taking a significant step toward fostering accessibility, equity, and inclusivity across your organization. With us, your team will learn and embed principles of equity, accessibility, and intersectionality in every facet of your company's operations, transforming the work environment into a place that encourages growth and accommodates everyone. Check out our process below.


We integrate into your team, comprehend your unique needs, and create a customized action plan. We employ executive coaching, Change management processes, and systems thinking to foster emotionally safe growth.

Metrics & Tracking

It's not enough to know what the issues and areas of opportunity are, but how to fix them and fill the gaps. Through actionable steps, and metrics we help you track, you'll be actively creating a culture that is inclusive and equitable for all employees. 


We dive deep into your business systems and policies, identify improvement areas, and guide you to make equity and accessibility-centered adjustments.

Communication & Implementation

Communication goes hand in hand with implementing a new strategy. If internal and external stakeholders aren't taking this journey with you, implementing your new strategy across departments and showing an intentional commitment to DEI will be difficult. We ensure that all stakeholders feel included and not blindsided as we navigate through the implementation process. 

Revision & Maintenance 

We serve as subject matter experts and partners to ensure that your company's new DEI strategy is a living, actionable plan. We believe in long-lasting and sustainable change, so we'll work with you to review metrics and maintain your new strategies for as long as you need. 

"Dr. Sam applies a range of gifts and skills to her work as a knowledgeable, meticulously organized and thoughtfully prepared guide for your deep reflections and hard conversations. She offers encouragement, is an excellent active listener and distiller of your ideas/thoughts/questions/concerns. She leaves ample space for you and your team to share and ask, while keeping you on a path moving forward toward your collectively articulated goals. Dr. Sam's portfolio of tools and approach to getting to the core of an organization and working our way, together, back out to reflect and revise was immediately impressive to us - and just flexible enough to honor her approach but also nimbly customize the content and curriculum to really address Scholarship Plus' weak points. She is incredibly easy to talk to, and maintains a striking balance between encouraging and solid in her role, like all the best teachers. Our entire team was sorry to say 'bye' at our last session — an already close-knit team, Dr. Sam helped us grow even closer, more candid and vulnerable, and model the kind of safe, brave and supportive space we aspire to. We are so grateful Dr. Sam is doing what she is doing, and that she offers ways to keep doing the work together!" 

Anna Antoniak

Senior Director at Scholarship Plus


Your Journey

We don't just offer a service; we form a partnership. We create a journey that will meet you where you are while intentionally taking you to where you want your company to be. ​Take a walk on our partnership journey below to get insight into what it's like to work with us. 



Our collaboration begins with a kickoff meeting, where we align with your operations, grasp your unique needs, and set clear goals. Together, we create an action plan and embark on your company's transformation journey.


We conduct 90-minute sessions for a minimum of 3 months. During these sessions, we deep dive into your business systems and policies, and we optimize them to enhance equity and accessibility.




Our partnership doesn't stop at our bi-weekly sessions. You'll have access to continuous support via email or direct messaging through our app and your personal dashboard ensuring you're always guided as you implement the new strategies.



We partner with Marketing & Communications to develop communications and implementation plans to foster transparency and build trust between leadership and all employees. A critical element in the change management process. Our methods are tried and tested. We utilize a blend of high-level coaching, Change management processes, systems thinking, and relationship-building to help your company realize its goals.



We create a client portal unique to your company that includes a dashboard and templates to help you track your progress. We also assign a DEI Strategic partner as an advisor and your point of contact to provide advice and guidance as your company navigates implementation of our work together.

Ready to see how DSRD Consulting can help?

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