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4 Things Companies can do to Support their DEI Practitioners & Other Employees.

One way companies can show their commitment to DEI is to take care of and treat their own internal DEI practitioners equitably.

I think companies are so caught up with their external image and how they can appear as if they're doing the right thing to drive a higher ROI. Instead, they could use that same energy and resources to focus internally and actually do the right thing.

Here are four quick and simple things companies can do to support their DEI practitioners and all employees.

1. Professional Development. Provide professional development/continuing education funds to your employees, including those that are leading DEI work. Though DEI Directors and Chief Diversity Officers are subject matter experts when it comes to DEI, there is always room to expand our skill set and knowledge base.

2. Mental health resources. Offer funds for mental health resources, specifically access to therapy through employee assistance programs (EAPs).

3. Be more flexible. Flexibility with PTO, working remotely, and work hours helps to reinforce a culture of trust between leadership and employees and also reduces unnecessary stress and pressures at work.

4. Enhancing the benefits package. Pay for employees' medical benefits and ensure that the medical coverage is decent. For employees who have children and other dependents, this is a huge relief and one less stressor in their personal lives.

Though these may seem a bit expensive, investing in these things is cheaper than having to recruit, train, and onboard tons of employees at a time, as a result of high turnover rates. Especially if they are in leadership positions.

We have a community of over 200 DEI practitioners worldwide who currently have access to mental health resources and licensed therapists. Learn more here.

If you really want to show your support and commitment to DEI, you can sponsor your practitioners to get the mental health resources and access to a safe community they need, TODAY! You can also contribute to our sponsorship fund.

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