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How to prioritize your Goals and Initiatives in your DEI Strategy

A question that comes up often when companies are starting their journey to develop a DEI strategy is "How do you prioritize what goes into the DEI Strategy?" or "How do you figure out what to tackle first?" Well, here's my answer.

As with everything DEI-related, my short answer is always "it depends" because this work should be subjective and tailored to the needs of each organization. But, here is a general process that I use when working with companies, especially those just starting out with developing their DEI strategy.

Assess. I do an assessment (the second step in my DEI strategy development framework). One of the things I examine first during my assessments is the level of trust between leadership and employees. That will tell me what needs to be repaired/addressed BEFORE implementing anything new.

Listen & be Inclusive. A part of the assessment requires that you listen to and be inclusive of employees. Listen to their experiences and suggestions. This is where you'll get an idea of what is most important to focus on in the immediate future.

Quick Risk Assessment. Once you know where the areas of opportunities are, I suggest you do a risk assessment to find out what actions would reap the greatest reward for employees. Notice that throughout this, I focus on how employees will benefit.

Action & Execution. Lastly, you put some action behind your words. It can be harmful to ask employees what they need and then do nothing with the information you receive. That is the quickest way to eat away any trust you've built. The main point is to ask your employees what they need to feel safe and comfortable at work. Also, ask what they think the client/customer needs because they work directly with them the most. If you take care of your employees and actually listen to them, they will take care of the organization. It's that simple.

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