DEI Blueprint™

If you want to build a DEI strategy but don’t know where to start, this program is perfect for you. DEI Blueprint™ is a 6-month self-paced online program that will take you step-by-step through the process of developing and implementing an organization-wide DEI strategy.  

What to Expect

We’ve designed this program to help you build your DEI Strategy step-by-step and to help you gain the confidence you need to execute it effectively. This is our complete process for creating an effective 3-year DEI Strategy. Being enrolled in DEI Blueprint™ is like having a DEI advisor in your pocket. As you develop a DEI strategy for your company or client, you'll have the outline, templates, tools, and support you need.  Unsure about which data to include in the strategy, send me a quick message in our app, and I can help you think through it.

More Details on What's Included 

We've created a sponsorship template that makes asking your employer for support simple and seamless. Our program is not only a professional development resource but a tool for enhancing company culture and, as a result, the company's bottom line.

Cost: 6 payments of $250

Access to Best Practices

We have over 50 lessons that outline the step-by-step process of developing and implementing a complete 3-year DEI strategy that you can integrate across all company departments. 

We also have over 20 plug-and-play templates that help you keep things organized so that you can keep everyone on the same page.

Access to Community & Support

When you join DEI Blueprint™, you become a part of our global community, DEI Offload™. Within this community, we share best practices, special DEI-related chats, webinars, and expert panels that promote knowledge sharing and allow all of our students to get insight from practitioners in industries across the world. 

As a member of our community, you also get priority access to member-exclusive events, wellness sessions, and DEI resources as we release them.

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Hi, I'm Dr. Sam

I've spent years working in non-profit, higher ed, and the government sector, building DEI strategies using my custom framework. After experiencing push-back from Exec Leadership, difficulty with getting buy-in, and difficulty with getting HR and everyone else on the same page about DEI, I've since refined my framework from the lessons I've learned over the years. 

DEI Blueprint™ shares the framework I’ve created, along with the guidance and accountability to implement it in real time. So instead of only teaching theory, we show you HOW it works in practice with solid examples, feedback, and a community of other DEI practitioners offering support.

Here's What You'll Learn

(7 Lessons)

DEI Mindset Shifts

Learn about key foundational DEI concepts, important DEI roles and functions and how to prepare yourself and your leadership team for the strategy development process.

(10 Lessons)

Implementing the DEI Strategy

Learn how to develop a plan to implement and integrate the DEI strategy across the company seamlessly.

(9 Lessons)

DEI Foundation

Learn how to create a DEI platform tied to the company's mission, navigate push-back and gain exec leadership buy-in.

(6 Lessons)

Marketing the DEI Strategy

Learn how to align the new DEI strategy with the company's voice and brand to avoid coming off as performative.

(18 Lessons)

Assessing DEI Data & tracking DEI Metrics

Learn how to conduct a company-wide DEI Audit, and create DEI-specific goals and objectives that are tied to the company's data, and track your DEI metrics.

(5 Lessons)

Annual Report & DEI Strategy Maintenance

Learn how to review the strategy and adjust the goals and metrics each year to develop a DEI annual report.


Here are the results you will achieve if you follow what we say in DEI Blueprint™:

Ready to develop and implement a 3-year DEI strategy? 

What Our Members Say

Headshot of Raymond White

I'm glad you created this program because this is exactly what I was looking to prepare myself for the strategy work with my clients

Ray White
DEI Consultant & Strategist

headshot of Shantel

The content has been very thorough and essential as I navigate this new role/function for my company. In addition to the content and templates, I like the community and feedback built into this program. It's nice to know I'm not the only one trying to figure things out.

Shantel Young 
Senior DE&I Manager

Headshot of Genelle

The content is communicated in a way that flows, is easy to understand, and is actionable. The touch base calls have been very insightful but open and casual, which I've enjoyed as it provides space to be supported as we move through the process.

Genelle Pollydore 
DEI Specialist

Watch the video above to hear how current DEI Blueprint™ students & Graduates have benefitted from being a part of our program

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Whether you're a DEI consultant, a seasoned executive, or just stepping into your first DEI role, my goal is to help you build a solid foundation so that your DEI strategy has an immediate positive impact on your company or your client's company.

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