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Business Process & Systems Intensive Session

Get your business systems and processes audited and optimized in just 60 minutes!

Get on the Right Track

Over the course of 3 months, I will help you to declutter your mind, get organized, and get your business operations outlined & automated so that you can have a seamless consultancy that runs itself.

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Get Unstuck

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Manage your consultancy with ease, all while maintaining a healthy work-life balance. Here are the areas that I can help with:​

  • Outlining and streamlining your processes & systems. Ex: Managing payments of clients so that everything is in one place

  • Automation and tech setup (email newsletter, client journey, email marketing automation, invoicing automation, admin and operations automation)  

  • Building an engaged audience (lead generation)

  • Launching a DEI product or service with a consistent flow of engaged and satisfied clients.

It’s time to create a healthier work-life balance and create some freedom for yourself.

I’m Dr. Sam,

a DEI Strategist who specializes in helping DEI Consultants and entrepreneurs get their time back by outlining, streamlining, and automating their business processes. Running your business doesn't have to be stressful and overwhelming. Having the right systems and processes in place can help you avoid burning out, give you more freedom, and fall back in love with your work.

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How Does the Intensive Session Work?

Ready to take your business to the next level?

Schedule your session today and get started with getting your business processes automated.


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