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DEI Blueprint® 

A comprehensive suite of tools that provides HR and DEI professionals with essential resources to enhance company processes, bring a broader range of talents into their teams, improve diversity efforts, and cultivate an inclusive and safe work environment with improved employee engagement.

Our Features

Transform Your DEI Strategy with DEI Blueprint®. From initial development to strategy implementation, DEI Blueprint® offers a suite of ready-to-use templates, tools, a global community, and lessons designed to make your DEI strategy both impactful and sustainable.

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Structured Learning through Modules & Lessons:

With 9 modules and 56 lessons, organize your DEI strategy in a clear, step-by-step timeline.

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Over 20 Plug & Play Templates

To help you analyze data, develop SMART goals and metrics, develop an implementation and communication plan, and so much more.

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Community Access to DEI Offload™

Become part of a supportive community of over 500 DEI and HR professionals worldwide.

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Networking Match Program

Get paired with other professionals to network and exchange best practice tips across different industries.

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Strategy Sessions & Resources

Access to discounted personalized consults and coaching with our experts. Also, get access to exclusive masterclasses, webinars, and expert-led events.

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DEI Strategy Guide

A concise, ready-to-use DEI reference guide for quick and effective strategizing.

Trusted by DEI Change Agents at Companies like

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Message from our Founder

My years of experience in leading DEI in the non-profit, higher education, and government sectors have taught me just how complex building impactful DEI strategies can be. I've faced pushback, struggled to gain buy-in, and realized how critical it is to ensure everyone is on the same page about DEI.


These experiences inspired the creation of DEI Blueprint®, a platform designed not only to teach DEI strategy theory but to guide you through its practical implementation. We offer extensive resources, real-life examples, constructive feedback, and a supportive community. Together, we're ready to propel your DEI initiatives.

- Dr. Sam

What You'll Learn

DEI Blueprint® offers deep insights into essential DEI strategy areas:

Building Your DEI Strategy (26 Lessons)

Understand the key DEI concepts and learn the components of developing a comprehensive DEI strategy that aligns with your organization's mission and goals. 

Implementing DEI Initiatives (10 Lessons)

Understand the process of rolling out the DEI strategy. We'll talk through developing a communications plan and an implementation plan to ensure DEI is a shared responsibility across the entire organization.

Evaluating DEI Impact
(10 Lessons)

Master the skills to measure the impact and effectiveness of your DEI initiatives on an annual basis. Understand the types of data that are critical for your strategy and how to assess that data in a meaningful way. 

Sustaining DEI Efforts
(10 Lessons)

Explore how to maintain momentum and keep DEI at the forefront of your organizational culture.

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What Our Members Say

Multiracial Colleagues
“I’m so proud to be a graduate of the best and ONLY DEI strategy program on the market hands down…I got my whole professional life inside DEI Blueprint - going from beginner to BOLD in my career journey as a DEI Practitioner. If you’re hoping to move your DEI career forward and eventually hold a DEI leadership position, you DESERVE DEI Blueprint. It’s the only program I’ve seen that not only provides a freshman-like foundation of DEI basics, but then walks you through to creating a Senior level DEI Strategy from start to finish, Complete with examples, 15+ fill in the blank templates and a bomb community of DEI professionals to match. If you know a career in DEI is part of your destiny, gone and get your employer to sponsor your seat in this program and get your learn/growth/professional development on-And even if they can’t/won’t- invest in this out of your own pocket -You won’t regret it!”

- Natisha Willis, Diversity Business Partner

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Fast-Track Your Organization's DEI Journey

Whether you're a DEI consultant, executive, HR manager, or new to DEI, DEI Blueprint® is designed to solidify your DEI strategy. Skip the endless searching and get equipped with all the necessary tools to develop a comprehensive DEI strategy. Get instant access now.

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