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DEI Offload™ Wellness Series

Welcome to the DEI Offload™ Wellness Series. We've designed this free email series as a transformational journey, a step-by-step guide to help you navigate your work in DEI while prioritizing your mental health.

A Journey Towards Holistic Wellness for Folks in DEI

The diverse experiences of DEI practitioners

Learn about the experiences of others working in DEI to better navigate the common and unique challenges DEI practitioners face.

Techniques to navigate burnout and compassion fatigue

Get the tools to identify, prevent, and navigate things like burnout and compassion fatigue.

Strategies for rest, self-care, and community care

Understand the significance of rest, self-care, and community care in maintaining balance and creating a healthy support system.

Fundamentals of mental health and wellness

Gain deeper insights into mental health and wellness topics that are relevant for folks working in DEI.

Methods to set healthy work boundaries

Set and maintain healthy boundaries at work to protect your mental and emotional well-being while navigating your DEI role.

Start Prioritizing Your Mental Health Today!

Whether you're an internal DEI practitioner, an independent consultant, or a DEI business owner in related fields, this series is designed for you. Each email in the series comes packed with helpful insights and actionable strategies to help you prioritize your mental health and wellness as you navigate working in DEI. 

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