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Empowering Change with SaaS Solutions, for a More Inclusive Future

Who we are

Our mission is to enhance mental health and wellness within professional spaces and individual lives by employing a systemic approach. With our innovative DEI Blueprint® and the community-focused DEI Offload™, we're bringing a fresh perspective to wellness, both at work and in life. We're not just about quick fixes—we're here to make lasting changes that really improve the way we work and live together. 

Our Core Values

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Hi there, I’m Dr. Samantha Rae!


But folks call me Dr. Sam. As the founder of DSRD Consulting and the innovator behind DEI Offload™ and DEI Blueprint®, my journey is deeply personal. Diagnosed with autism later in life, my lived experiences have been the driving force behind my dedication to creating more inclusive and accommodating work environments for everyone, especially for neurodiverse folks.

Over the past 12 years, I've brought transformative solutions to organizations like Goodwill, Save the Children, and NIH, positively impacting over 10,000 employees. I've also collaborated with leaders from more than 50 universities nationwide to infuse DEI into their key processes.

Since 2021, DSRD Consulting has been on an incredible journey. We've teamed up with leaders from over 100 respected companies, like AWS, Meta, Lyft, Microsoft, and Uniswap, to build a better work environment. Plus, I've had the chance to help over 500 DEI professionals across the world, creating a place where we can all grow a culture of diversity and inclusion together.

You can read more in our annual report here. 

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Our method is intentional and data-driven, rooted in a systems thinking paradigm:


Through DEI Blueprint®, we help you pinpoint your company's DEI opportunities, benchmarking against industry best practices.


Craft a DEI action plan using DEI Blueprint®'s analytical tools, ensuring each step is data-driven and tailored to your organization.


DEI Offload™ facilitates community engagement, providing a support system for HR and DEI professionals to share insights and resources.


With DEI Offload™, we offer continuous learning and mental health resources to empower your team on their DEI journey. 

Join us on a journey of transformation where systemic change meets sustainable wellness. Let's redefine the future together.

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