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DEI Strategy Starter Program

Want to get started with DEI but don’t know where to begin? We'll give you a comprehensive strategy outline and walk you through each step. Enroll in our program now and get lifetime access with your subscription.

Create a solid foundation for your DEI strategy by learning foundational concepts of DEI and creating a company-wide DEI platform.

Feeling Lost about Developing a DEI Strategy?

Do you work at a start-up with a limited budget, but you want to commit to DEI and have a strategy that helps you be intentional about your efforts? 


Maybe you're working at a company that is new to DEI, and you don't know where to start. 


Maybe you're a consultant, and you want to help your clients develop a DEI Strategy, but you need some guidance with getting started. 

If you fit into one of these categories, the DEI Strategy Starter program is for you!

Best Value

DEI Strategy Starter Program + Membership Access








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Program Deliverables:

- DEI platform (Vision, Mission, Values specific to DEI)

- A broad overview of DEI Concepts

You'll get access to:

- Lifetime access to the modules & DEI Offload™ 

- 2 Modules (16 lessons)​

- Five templates

Disclaimer:  This program will not help you to develop a full 3-year DEI Strategy. If you'd like to develop a full 3-year DEI strategy, apply to join DEI Blueprint™.

What to Expect

laptop &phone screenshot of DSSA Program modules

Foundational DEI Concepts

A DEI Platform to lay the foundation for the company's strategy

2 modules

Five plug-and-play templates

Access to DEI Offload™ a community of over 200 DEI practitioners

Here are the results you will achieve if you follow what we say:

✔️ Have a DEI platform (Vision, Mission, Values specific to DEI)

✔️ Have A clear pathway and action plan for developing a DEI Strategy

✔️ Have A foundational understanding of important DEI concepts

✔️ Reduce the time spent trying to figure out what to include in your strategy and how to get started

Ready to get started? 

You Will Learn How To

The DEI Strategy Starter Accelerator Program is an online self-paced and self-guided program that will help you learn foundational DEI concepts to make sure you're starting off on the right foot and will also help you to start the process of developing a DEI strategy. We'll focus on the following areas:

Build a solid DEI Platform


Develop the framework, mission, vision, and business case for a new DEI strategy that becomes a part of the company's operations. 

Get Leadership Buy-In


Gain buy-in from leadership and establish cross-functional alignment among all employees and externally with stakeholders.

Navigate through pushback


Understand what the Exec Team envisions for the company and use an evidence-based approach to identify and prioritize action items needed to address DEI concerns.

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