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Train-the-Trainer Intensive

Experience growth with our 3-month intensive, carefully designed by our CEO, a neurodiverse leader with firsthand experience. This intensive is ideal for DEI professionals, consultants, neurodiverse individuals, and entrepreneurs seeking a balanced work-life to avoid and navigate through burnout. Dr. Sam uses her experience from working with professionals at varying career stages to create personalized plans that prioritize mental health and increase efficiency. Your journey toward prioritizing mental wellness starts here.

Create more Balance in your Life Without Centering Work

Professionals who actively manage their work-life balance are 20% more likely to report career satisfaction. With our personalized coaching, we equip you with the strategies and systems to achieve this balance, boost your leadership potential, and cultivate a thriving professional journey.


Invest in Your Personal & Professional Growth

Ready to make a significant impact but unsure where to start? Dr. Sam will work with you to create personalized processes that center your mental health and wellness. Our focused areas include:

Burnout Navigation & Prevention Strategies

Guidance on navigating, recovering from, and creating new life structures to prevent future burnout. We'll also cover things like setting and maintaining healthy work boundaries, enabling a balanced lifestyle as you navigate your DEI role.

Accommodation Plan for Neurodiverse Folks

Create an accommodation plan that caters to your unique needs, promoting a healthy work-life balance and avoiding overwhelm.

DEI Strategy Guidance

Hands-on guidance and personalized support as you develop a comprehensive DEI strategy for your company.

Professional & Business Development

Assessment of your current work/business plan, with recommendations for improvements, streamlining your daily tasks/business processes for better productivity and less stress and overwhlem.

Invest in Your Personal & Professional Growth and Create More Freedom for Yourself!

Our Approach

Understanding Your Goals

Your unique goals create the framework for our journey together. Through understanding your objectives, we tailor an action plan that serves as the roadmap for our three-month partnership.


After three months of growth and transformation, we equip you with all the necessary tools and knowledge to sustain your new personal strategies.

Kickoff Call & Action Plan

We initiate our journey with a 60-minute kickoff call to align on the action plan and set the stage for the transformation to come.

Bi-Weekly 1:1 Sessions

Our bi-weekly 1:1 intensive sessions allow us to co-develop effective systems and processes, promoting a healthier work-life balance and burnout prevention while cultivating space for freedom. You will also have access to direct support between our calls. You can reach out anytime via email or our app.

What You'll Get

Personalized Guidance & Strategy Development

We create an action plan tailored to your unique needs. From navigating leadership roles to optimizing business processes, our 1:1 intensive provides a roadmap for your personal and professional development.

Accountability & Support

Stay on course with our six bi-weekly action planning calls. You will also gain access to a unique client portal to track your progress over the three months.

Comprehensive Documentation

  • The calls and my templates are designed to set you up with a framework and actionable tasks to keep you on track with accomplishing your goals.

  • You will receive meeting recordings and a handoff action plan to manage the strategies and workflows we’ve developed together.

Ready to Begin Your Transformation?

Get the tools and guidance needed to navigate your role, develop effective strategies, and optimize your work-life balance.

What Our Clients Say

"It was beneficial to have somebody who's a subject matter expert in both operating a DEI consulting firm and understanding the specifics of outlining and automating the systems within a business. Having my systems outlined and automated allows my business to run smoothly so I can focus on executing and delivering my services while the backend operations run independently. Working with you side by side has boosted my confidence in knowing I can deliver high-quality services with solid processes. "

Raymond D. White, MBAOrganizational Development Specialist and DEI Consultant 

1:1 Business Coaching TestimonialRay White
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"Working with Dr. Sam has been a HUGE benefit. I would have never had the confidence to launch my business without private coaching. I enjoyed The ease of the work. Being able to learn while doing to understand the process. This was definitely worth the investment."

Danisha McCall, MD, MSL

Founder, Re-Imagine Justice, MD

"This was a great exercise to get you prepared for success. Even if you have everything that you think you need, getting automation set up is a great way to become more efficient and productive in your business."

Sharitta Marshall MBA, CSM 

Founder, Visionary Development Consulting

headshot of sharitta

"if you value your time and want a chance to reclaim it that this is the best opportunity for you to do so. Working with Dr. Sam is a chance for business owners to streamline structures and processes, especially those most necessary to scale the growth of their business. You shift so much more time to growing your business verse managing things that can be automated. This is a life and business changer for your work."

Simone Gamble 

Founder, OAAARS

Ready to get the help you need?

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