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Showcasing Dr. Sam's influential voice in diversity, equity, inclusion, wellness, and mental health across global platforms and publications.

Dr. Sam's Focus: DEI Strategy, Business Analysis, Neurodiversity Advocacy

Elevating DEI Through a Neurodiverse & Mental Health Lens

Dr. Samantha "Dr. Sam" Rae, a Black autistic woman and CEO of DSRD Consulting, brings a unique lens to DEI, merging her personal experiences with professional expertise. Creator of the app DEI Offload™ and SaaS tool DEI Blueprint® and a sought-after speaker, her strategies have transformed organizations like Goodwill and Save the Children. Collaborating with industry giants like AWS and Meta, her influence resonates globally.


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  • NIH: What is Allyship

  • NIH: Fostering Allyship Across Marginalized Groups

  • NIEHS: Path to building better workplaces 



Past Speaking Engagements

Areas of Expertise

Over the years, Dr. Sam has had the privilege of sharing her expertise on international stages and contributing to important dialogues around diversity, equity, inclusion, wellness, and mental health while working in the DEI space. Dr. Sam is available for Keynote speaking engagements, panel sessions, and fireside chats.  

Mental Health for DEI & HR Professionals

  • Navigating, recovering from, and creating new life structures to prevent future burnout. 

  • Centering & Enhancing your mental health while working in DEI

Neurodiversity, Accessibility & Accomodations

  • Deep Dive into Neurodiversity

  • Providing Accommodations for Autistic & Neurodiverse Individuals

DEI Strategy Development & DEI Blueprint® Framework

  • Operationalizing DEI

  • Change management process

  • Incorporating DEI into your company's operation 

  • Strategy Development process

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