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Business Process & Systems Optimization + Automation

Need to get organized and simplify your processes as you navigate working as a DEI consultant? Then you've come to the right place. 

With over 10 years of experience, specifically in the DEI space, and 6 years of being an entrepreneur in 2 different industries, I will streamline & automate your processes so that your business is running on its own, giving you more time to do the things you love.

Did you know that small business owners spend at least 3 hours a day manually doing tasks that could be automated?

That’s roughly 15 hours of doing tasks to run your business each day! Did you also know that the average hourly rate for DEI Consultants with their own business is $50/hr? That means, on average, DEI Consultants SPEND $750 a week just to manually run their businesses.


It’s time to create a healthier work-life balance and create some freedom for yourself.

The Process


We have pre-homework so that we can hit the ground running during our kickoff call and not waste any time.

Process & Workflow 

Gear up to end coaching. Detailed walk-through of all the processes I've built and automated for your business. I also test everything to make sure it works efficiently.

Kickoff Call (Process Outline)

We will get to know each other during our first call, and I will walk you through the 3-month timeline and the detailed action plan I've developed to level up your business.


Offboarding and next steps to ensure you have all the tools you need to manage all of the processes I've built out. You'll leave with all notes, all templates, a handoff document that explains everything we did & recordings so that you know how to manage your new workflows and processes.

Workflow & Automation Set up

We'll have a series of calls and you'll watch me in real-time as I streamline and automate your business.

What You'll Get

Streamline &  Automated Business processes

  • Buildout and automation of the lead gen process, customer onboarding process, and customer offboarding process. **Option to work in other areas**

  • SOPs to help you maintain the systems I've set up and automated.

  • Recordings from each meeting along with a handoff document.

Six Bi-weekly Action Planning Calls

You'll receive 1:1 sessions as I build out and streamline your business over the course of 3 months.

Though you'll be on the call to answer questions, I will be building everything out. 

Accountability & Support

The calls and my templates are designed to set you up with a framework, and actionable tasks to keep you on track with accomplishing your goals.

I also share insights about pricing and the logistical components of running a business.

On a budget?
Schedule a quick Business Intensive Session instead.

Get your business systems and processes audited and optimized in just 60 minutes!

What Our Clients Say

"It was beneficial to have somebody who's a subject matter expert in both operating a DEI consulting firm and understanding the specifics of outlining and automating the systems within a business. Having my systems outlined and automated allows my business to run smoothly so I can focus on executing and delivering my services while the backend operations run independently. Working with you side by side has boosted my confidence in knowing I can deliver high-quality services with solid processes. "

Raymond D. White, MBAOrganizational Development Specialist and DEI Consultant 

1:1 Business Coaching TestimonialRay White
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"Working with Dr. Sam has been a HUGE benefit. I would have never had the confidence to launch my business without private coaching. I enjoyed The ease of the work. Being able to learn while doing to understand the process. This was definitely worth the investment."

Danisha McCall, MD, MSL

Founder, Re-Imagine Justice, MD

"This was a great exercise to get you prepared for success. Even if you have everything that you think you need, getting automation set up is a great way to become more efficient and productive in your business."

Sharitta Marshall MBA, CSM 

Founder, Visionary Development Consulting

headshot of sharitta

"if you value your time and want a chance to reclaim it that this is the best opportunity for you to do so. Working with Dr. Sam is a chance for business owners to streamline structures and processes, especially those most necessary to scale the growth of their business. You shift so much more time to growing your business verse managing things that can be automated. This is a life and business changer for your work."

Simone Gamble 

Founder, OAAARS

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