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DEI Offload™

Bridging the gap between mental health and DEI

DEI Offload™ isn’t just another app. It's the go-to resource hub that tailors mental health, wellness, and professional resources specifically for DEI, and HR professionals. Prioritize your mental health, create a healthier work-life balance, and benefit from practical resources, all within a global community of folks who truly understand your experiences.

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Your Home for DEI & Wellness Resources

A blend of mental health support, DEI insights, and a global community, all designed with the DEI and HR professional in mind.

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Streamlined Wellness Resources

Navigate your wellness journey with content crafted explicitly for DEI professionals. Engage with curated mental health tools tailored to tackle challenges like burnout and compassion fatigue in DEI spaces.

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Exclusive DEI Accelerator Course

Adopt industry-shaping strategies, and get access to our modules shaped by over a decade of DEI expertise. 

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DEI Offload logo blue

On-Demand Expert Insights

Access to an expanding library of masterclasses, webinars, and DEI resources. Explore topics from boundary setting in professional environments to data analytics and strategic planning. It's all here, ready for you to explore at your convenience.

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A Thriving DEI Community

Whether you’re seeking mentorship, networking opportunities, or genuine friendships, connect beyond the usual chats and posts with over 500 global members through DEIOConnect.

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DEI Offload logo blue

Offload & Connect

Regular Drip of Wellness

From general chats to focused community Q&As, have conversations that matter. Plus, look out for our upcoming Mental Health Coaching feature in 2024.

Enjoy our monthly wellness learning modules, offering opportunities for reflection and personal growth. Engage, reflect, and grow at your own pace.

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The central hub of resources for DEI & HR professionals 

Welcome to DEI Offload™, your dedicated space for mental health support and growth. We understand the unique challenges of working to integrate DEI professionally, and we're here to provide the resources and support you need.


Lean on our expertly crafted resources, join meaningful conversations, or simply find comfort in a space with folks who understand exactly what it's like to navigate working in the DEI space. We're powered by passion, driven by data, and here to support you at every step.


Tap the "Try for Free" button to join us today! 

Dr. Sam, Founder & DEI Strategist

Featured Wellness Content

Dive into featured masterclasses that show the full range of what we offer.


DEI Offload™ Membership Plans

We've created equitable pricing so that you can get access to the resources they need without money being a barrier. Request Professional Development or Continuing Education sponsorship from your employer by using our email template

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You are not alone! Join a community of people who are dedicated to doing the work we love while committing to our mental health.

Looking for a healthier work-life balance as you navigate DEI?

Is DEI Offload™ Your Next Step?

If any of the below speaks to you, our app is perfect for you!

You are seeking a community of DEI and HR professionals where you can talk through the heaviness of working in the DEI space in a psychologically safe way and with people who get it. 

You're seeking resources that will help you navigate working in the DEI space and avoid burnout, compassion fatigue, and microaggressions in your DEI role. 

You don't have an official DEI role but do DEI-related work

You are looking for a way to get access to best practices in your specific niche or to get feedback from other DEI professionals as you navigate any roadblocks while doing this work.

What our Members are Saying

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I have had the pleasure of collaborating with Dr. Samantha for the past 2 years on varying panels, written publications, and podcast interviews related to Intersectionality, Marginalization, and Privilege in the workplace, in the educational setting, and even on social media platforms. Dr. Samantha is an incredibly talented scholar-practitioner, diversity, equity, inclusion, belonging, and justice advocate. As an educator, Dr. Samantha creates helpful forms, templates, diagrams, lessons, workbooks, and guides that meet the needs of diverse learners. As an ally to neurodiverse folx, Dr. Samantha regularly modifies learning materials, adjusts communication techniques, and supports participants in identifying the strengths in their diverse learning styles. Dr. Samantha is thoughtful, observant, and collaborative! She continually researches to stay aware of the ever-changing diverse experiences and leads with empathy and social justice at the heart of her work.

Brittany Bronson
DEIB Strategist  & Global DEI Director

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