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Diversity, Equity, Inclusion Program Manager

Location: Remote

Hours: 10-20 hrs/week; We will eventually convert this role to a full-time position.

Compensation: $24- $30/hr

Start Date: January 2023

Join our Team

DSRD Consulting is a firm with a two-pronged focus. We work with companies to incorporate DEI into their operations so that they can enhance their company culture and have happy employees. We also work with DEI Consultants, Startups, and small business owners to enhance their mental health through community, process automation, and business development. We are committed to practicing what we teach by using a lens of equity and a human-centered approach in the way we operate internally and by partnering with organizations to center those who need the most resources and support. Check out our values:


We believe in meeting people where they are in a way that is in alignment with the highest good of all parties involved. For us, this means using a lens of accessibility and intersectionality to provide support, safety, and access to resources that they need.


We believe in the open and direct sharing of information, needs, wants, and boundaries. We encourage our people to be grounded in their autonomy to communicate in a way that is most comfortable for them without bringing harm to others.


While we believe in healthy boundary setting and staying clear of oversharing, we are a “lay your cards on the table” type of company. This helps us cultivate organic vulnerability and strengthens the culture of safety across our company.


We define community as the reciprocal pouring into, uplifting, and creating space for others to exist. Doing so in a healthy way that aligns with personal boundaries and without infringing on the emotional and social capacity of others.

The Role

We are seeking a passionate DEI Program Manager to oversee the implementation and management of DSRDC's online programs to ensure that they are well-executed, effective, and impactful. The DEI Program Manager will also play a key role in creating strong connections with critical stakeholders, both internally and externally, to enhance and sustain the quality of our programs while fostering engagement and a culture of knowledge sharing and community for our students.

This role will report directly to our Founder & CEO.

What You'll Do

  • Oversee all logistics for DEI Blueprint™ (monthly events, monthly wellness sessions, guest speaker webinars, special events, co-working sessions), which includes: handling the planning/logistics, scheduling, setting up zoom for virtual sessions, and serving as the main point of contact

  • Partner with our Admin & Account Executive to manage overall membership life-cycle

  • Look to improve existing processes by implementing and using workflow tools

  • Partner with the leadership team to develop and implement initiatives to provide additional training, events, support, and coaching of current and alum students

  • Monitor metrics and data related to all programs in partnership with our business development team

  • Develop and maintain partnerships with organizations & institutions that would benefit from our programs

This high-visibility position will require direct interaction with our members and will have a wide-ranging impact across the company.

Who We’re Looking For 

  • You have 2-5 years of experience with DEI program management (or related field) and culture building, ideally having worked in a start-up setting.

  • You align with and model the values of our company

  • You have experience with facilitating adult learners and are comfortable working with, communicating, and presenting to diverse individuals and audiences at all levels

  • You are a systems thinker who thinks outside the box, with an ability to drive change in the area of DEI and culture development 

  • You are a self-starter who takes the initiative to solve problems as they arise, generate content, and meet deadlines with minimum guidance and supervision

  • You are knowledgeable about DEI, intersectionality, change management, and curriculum development and are continuously expanding your knowledge in the DEI space 

  • You are highly organized and skilled in project management, with the ability to execute multiple projects simultaneously

  • You show change agility, applying a human-centered approach to managing through change, adjusting, and responding quickly to business and environmental shifts

  • Experience with agile methodology is a plus​​

We are willing to provide training but would prefer someone who is already comfortable with the following Tools & Software:

  • Convertkit 

  • Paperform

  • Canva

  • Zoom

Working at DSRD Consulting


We will make sure that you have what you need to excel in your role with excellence, including:

  • We only have meetings when necessary, and we keep them short

  • Fully remote unless we have company-related in-person events (we pay for travel)  

  • Flexible work hours (to accommodate for when life is lifeing)  

  • Access to our online learning resources and programs


If you have work experience that is slightly different from what we've listed, but you are a fast learner and believe you can be an asset to the team, we encourage you to apply. Anyone who is neurodivergent, queer, trans, and non-binary or is a part of the global majority is encouraged to apply.

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