Automate in a Day - VIP Day

Get your business processes automated in just 6 hours!

Did you know that small business owners spend at least 3 hours a day manually doing tasks that could be automated?

That’s roughly 15 hours of doing tasks to run your business each day! Did you also know that the average hourly rate for DEI Consultants with their own business is $50/hr? That means, on average, DEI Consultants SPEND $750 a week just to manually run their businesses.


I have two questions for you:

It’s time to create a healthier work-life balance and create some freedom for yourself.

I’m Dr. Sam,

a DEI Strategist who specializes in helping DEI Consultants get their time back by outlining, streamlining, and automating their business processes. Running your DEI Consultancy doesn't have to be stressful and overwhelming. Having the right systems and processes in place can help you avoid burning out, give you more freedom, and have you fall back in love with the work you do.

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How Does the VIP Day Work?

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